New Materials – Classics Tide

Mosa’s latest series Classics Tide offers an artisanal hand crafted look while still keeping the straight clean edges Mosa is known for. This unique series will be available to ship out the first week of July, and samples are available to ship out of Dallas starting today. The new 8 colors are serene white, blush, sage, blue mist, fog grey, charcoal grey, bone and rust. These 4×8 tiles be used in a single color or mix the colors. Either way results in a rich assortment of Depth and Range of colors in each tile.

“Bring a touch of classic to a contemporary look with our new collection: Classics Tide. Crafted using an artisanal-style glazing technique, the poured glaze, which is molten glass, allows the glaze to pool and ebb as it flows over the tile. The result mimics a hand-pressed clay body, with subtle movement and variation resulting in lighter and darker shades across the tile surface. This creates a vibrant, warm and textural appeal similar to hand-made tile.”

Mosa – Classics Tide