Glass, Cement, & Wood Tile

Bisazza offers a wide range of luxury décor and furnishings suitable for any living and outdoor area – the expression of a unique style that brings a contemporary flair to the classic by combining elements of fashion and design.

We have the tools and expertise to realize your design. So whether you just purchased a home or want to update your current home, your working on a commercial project come explore all of Bisazza’s material options Glass, Cement, & Wood Tiles here at knoxtile.

Custom Murals

Find out what makes this mural so special, and how knoxtile can help you make a project like this a reality.

Bisazza Mural Pool Tile Deep Ellum

Can this be used in a Pool?

Building a new pool can be an exciting time. It also leads to a lot of decisions & selection that need to be made. knoxtile is here to assist you, your pool builder, or designer in the process to picking out a suitable pool tile. Want to know more? Check out our Blog on What is a Pool Tile.


Bisazza Glass Tile Brochure
Bisazza Cement Tile Brochure
Bisazza Wood Tile Brochure