Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Mosa is well-known for their contemporary, functional, and innovative design. Mosa fosters a strong connection to these roots. Their tiles’ offer sleek design and simplicity. Mosa tile is not only aesthetically pleasing; for us, appearance is equally important to functionality, and sustainability. They are committed to making a tile to last a lifetime; or as long as you need them. Whether you are looking for materials to use in a Pool, Hospital, School, Or Your own Personal Residence Mosa has something for you. With both Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles to create the space you want.

C2C – (Cradle to Cradle)

Using the purest materials and embracing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, they produce not only stunning floor & wall tiles, but environmentally friendly materials. Mosa was the first tile company in the world to achieve Silver Cradle to Cradle certification.

Core (Terra, Quartz, Solids & Shapes)

From the dynamic, richly layered texture of Solids and the matt, soft, powdery look of Terra, to the robust granite look of Quartz. Core Collection underscores the timeless quality of Mosa tiles by uniting these beloved series.

Terra Tones

Terra Tones is a contemporary, refined range of tiles that is structured around basic tiles in natural, warm, and cool colors. Every basic tile has a lighter and darker variant; together they form a dynamic set. The combination of three tones results in tiled walls and floors that create optical depth.

Global & Globalgrip

The Global Collection is an integral tile series that combines practicality, aesthetics, and affordability, making it ideal for architects and their clients in large-scale building projects. The wall and floor tiles are perfectly matched to each other in terms of color and size and can be combined in a wide variety of ways. The Global Collection is modular, hard-wearing and includes a range of non-slip tiles with a full accessory program.


Glossy wall tiles in 50 colours, ranging from intensely bright to soft and light. Colors symbolizes colour and creativity. A design incorporating Colors effortlessly results in pronounced walls: a characteristic and dynamic tiled surface. All Colors tiles are available in the format 15 x 15 centimetres, so different colours can easily be combined. The series is modular, so it can also be combined with other tiles.


The four series of tiles that make up Murals – Blend, Fuse, Change, and Lines – draw on the same principles, but each one is clearly distinct. Blend works with colour blocking and different tones; Fuse plays with impressions of movement through subtle colour gradations; Change makes the most of colour and glazing combinations; and Lines uses a surface’s geometric structure. Together, they create a versatile and invaluable toolbox, readily available at the designer’s whim.


The Scenes collection is designed to create emotive environments by placing floor tiles of different tones and textures together – to build up a scene through the tiles itself. Scenes comes in seven colour groups, each group has been assigned four different textures. No tile is the same, providing endless options for architects to design a space with a distinct personality. The collection functions in small and large areas, relying on its visual identity to create a distinctive setting in any type of space.

Clasics Tide

Mosa Classics Tide combines vibrant warmth and textural appeal, typically associated with artisanal tiles. The unique surface with varying shades causes visual depth and subtle movement. In addition, this compact series is distinguished by a versatile shape, a coastalinspired colour palette and highly engineered features. Match these handcrafted look tiles with our floor tile collections for endless design possibilities.


Featuring a delicate glimmer effect and a tactile finish that don’t favour a specific direction through patterns that guide the user’s gaze, the Mosa Stage collection was conceived to be versatile and subtle. This carefully calculated combination of personality and restraint doesn’t draw the eye in a harsh or demanding way. Instead, Mosa Stage tiles can support any spatial concept with poise, by underlining an interior gently and confidently, while allowing space for life to unfold organically.

Kho Liang Ie

Mosa has revived a design classic from the Sixties: the ‘Classics Kho Liang Ie Collection’. Gloss white tiles with a relief of circles, segments of circles, diagonals, and triangles. Size 10 x 10 cm. The relief tiles can be combined to create unusual effects. A smooth wall tile is also available to complement the relief tiles.


The tiles from the Matt Collection live up to their name. The matt look of the tiles in this series is unparalleled. The glazed wall tile has a powdermatt look: a serene and monochrome effect that is reinforced by joint colours that are identical to the colours of the tiles. The colours of the wall tiles and the matching floor tiles of the Global Collection series are attuned to each other, resulting in a complete and clear-cut look.


Create your own unique pattern with the Mosa Generator. Find a pattern, select your colors, and see what your project is going to look like.


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MOSA – 130 Years of Tiles

Mosa started producing tile in 1883 in the city of Maastricht. While Mosa has tile in over 50 Countries, all design, development, and production is done in house in the Netherlands. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability results in tiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and Cradle to Cradle certified.

C2C – (Cradle to Cradle)

Using the purest materials and embracing the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, they produce not only stunning floor & wall tiles, but environmentally friendly materials. Mosa was the first tile company in the world to achieve Silver Cradle to Cradle certification.

Closed Water Cycle

The Mosa Factory also uses a closed water system that recycles water used during different parts of the manufacturing process back into their tiles. This system has decreased their total amount of water pumped in by 60%.

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