Please join us in honoring the beloved Donna McClendon

Sunday, April 2, 2023 2:00PM – 5:00PM

Wake honoring the incredible life of Donna Marie Rohmer McClendon – Deep Ellum at Brake & Clutch

Complimentary Valet Parking Available

Deep Ellum at Brake & Clutch

3601 Main Street Suite 120

Dallas, TX 75226

Monday, April 3, 2023 @ 11:00 AM

Mass & Interment at Sacred Heart Catholic Church – Muenster, TX

Knoxtile will be closed this day

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

713 N Main St.

Meunster, TX 76252

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In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the following:

San Pedro Roman Catholic Church, San Pedro, Belize

Divine Mercy Church

Triple R Response, Ambergris Caye, Beliz

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of Donna Rohmer McClendon, who owned knoxtile along with her husband, Olon McClendon, and served as its president and artistic director for more than two decades.

Donna passed away unexpectedly on March 4 while vacationing with family in Belize. At this time, we ask for prayers for Donna’s family as they grieve and navigate through the complexities of this situation.

While we will share more about Donna and about final arrangements in the days to come, we would like to express how grateful we are for her leadership, her artistic vision, and the genuine care and concern she gave to each project and to everyone she met.

Donna greatly valued her relationships with her team, her clients, suppliers, and many other partners, counting them all as family. We are honored to carry on that legacy in her memory.

The knoxtile Family is here for you during this difficult time. Please feel free to reach out to the below contacts for any of your needs:

New Projects:

Current Orders:




For all other enquires please email and they can get you to the correct person:

YouTube Channel – Mosa Shapes Time Lapse

Hi Everyone, we are proud to announce we are working to make content for our You Tube page with videos for Installation Guide Lines, Pattern Generators, New Products, & More.

As we work on those we would like to share our Time Lapse of our Mosa Shapes Installation at the Design Studio. If you are interested in Shapes contact for more info.

New: Inax

The knoxtile family is proud to formally introduce everyone to our latest addition to the family, Inax. For the past 96 years, Inax has been designing and manufacturing ceramic tiles in Japan. Their designs are inspired with a balance of spirit from their cultural, which embraces nature, and with eye on progress in manufacturing and design style.

Inax tile’s beginnings started with the manufacturing of Terracotta tiles for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. The architect Frank Lloyd Wright, wanted something unique and distinct to the Japanese Culture. He found that in the city of Tokoname, Japan which is famous for its pottery. There he partnered with father and son team, Hatsunojo Ina and his son Chozaburo Ina. They designed and experimented with how to produce 2.5 Million plus tiles, all while keeping keeping a high level of constancy in hues and physical appearance. With the success of this production and innovation Inax was born. 96 years later that same spirit of culture and progress is part of the DNA of Inax. If you would like to dive deeper in to the History of Inax Click Here

Starting in September, we will be stocking 5 Series. Sentousai, Madoka, Homura, Yuki Border, & Format Mix. We will be adding another two other series later this 4th quarter, Biyusai & Yohen Border. These two series will be front faced mounted, so they can be used in pool applications. EXPLORE THE SERIES

Take a look at the Inax BROCHURE and let us know what samples will work for your project. Even if it is not a series we are stocking we can provide you with samples. In addition to your sample request we will include a Free Inax Tile Coaster. (While supplies last)

knoxtile Texas Stock:

New Series: Mosa Canvas

An artist’s canvas, the blank slate ready for color and creativity. It is the artist’s supportive base encouraging imagination while letting the design be the star. Mosa’s latest porcelain tile series Canvas focuses on the role of the artist’s canvas offering a neutral palette that supports the design as backdrop

9 Color Pallet

Canvas offers 9 Color options, inspired by nature, from sandy beaches to snow covered landscapes, volcanic ash to deep blue oceans. Each well thought out color with subtle hits of warm undertones. Keeping to the idea of an artist’s Canvas, the movement in the tile is directionless allowing the color to flow over large spaces without guiding the eye one way or another creating a smooth flowing design concept. This allows furnishings, artwork and other design elements to shine.

New Texture for Canvas

Have you ever run your hand over an artist’s Canvas and noticed the texture? They are not smooth; it has a texture allowing the paint to adhere to the surface. The artist applies the color and textures while the Canvas elevates the overall masterpiece.

Canvas introduces a new texture CR. Just like an artist’s Canvas, there are subtle natural variations on its surface. Mosa worked to create just the right balance between texture and color, giving each tile character while keeping the overall effect neutral. Canvas’s tactile properties result in low maintenance anti-slip surfaces.

Mosa Canvas’s CR Texture

Canvas Sizing

Cavnas is produced in 12×24 & 24×24. A corresponding 4×24 Bullnose PC’s is made in every color.

Mosa Canvas – What will you Create?

Canvas is truly a unique line from Mosa. This subtle but sophisticated series lets the tile be the canvas for the design in every project.

Want to experience this new line for yourself? Order samples at our Sample Shop OR on our Sample Request Form.


Canvas Inspiration

Design Tools

While the majority of us are working from home, we are having to utilize the tools that are available to us. It can be difficult to find inspiration when we are so far removed from our workspaces and coworkers.  While we all have used Render Generators before, they are becoming a more valuable tool today. Explore any of the below programs to take the exciting step of creating a vision of your own! 


The Mosa Generator keeps on getting better. Over the past several years Mosa keeps updating and adding features to their Pattern Generator. Start by setting up an account which will allow you save your work by project as well download/upload your creations as needed. Once signed in, choose between Wall Tile (Ceramic) or Floor Tile (Porcelain). You can even narrow it down further by texture, sizes, colors, and even series. In the selected pattern, the generator will then only allow you to use compatible materials in available colors and sizes. This takes the stress out of ensuring your tiles will work together – no picking something that doesn’t exist or using tiles with different thicknesses. For our example we will use pattern PT2028. It consists of 2,4,6 x 24. As you can see below in the first photo the pattern PT2028 is all color 264, we easily can transform it into the colors we want by simply clicking on the color or the add tile button.

You can also change the sizing of the area your project requires by clicking and dragging the red box or by clicking on the selection button to edit the length and height. Be sure to save your project to be easily returned to at any time. Also make note of the pattern number which you can use in your specification. Now you can export into a compatible AUTODESK Rivet, SketchUp, Vectorworks, ARCHICAD, or JPG file. You can even print or save Tile Instructions explaining the pattern and percentages needed! There are plenty of tools available to help realize your Mosa design. Check out the Instruction Video for a quick walk through of the program and contact us if you need any assistance. The Mosa Generator is a great tool to get you started in selecting Mosa for your project. After you come up with your creation contact us for samples.

Interstyle Configurator

Interstyle’s Configurator is a fun and easy to use generator that can help you narrow down the selection choices fast and easy. With 240+ Colors, sizes from 1×1 to 8×12, 4 finishes for every color, and pre-made patterns you could spend all day exploring the possibilities. To start just pick a color, a finish, and what percentage you want for that color then press the Create! button. You even have the option of selecting an area like a Wall, Pool, Kitchen or Bathroom. Save to .PNG and upload into your drawings.  Make note of the recipe, if a blend was used, and add it to your specification or send it to us. We will create a project file with your recipe to ensure the correct information and pricing is provided to contractors while keeping your specification intact. We made this render in less than a minute, just think of all that you could create in 30 minutes to an hour.

Gable Pattern – Custom Blue Blend

The configurator will provide MSRP pricing, but you can contact us for project pricing, samples and current production time frames.


The Bisazza App is an interactive generator, that lets you make blends, graduating patterns, and decorations. Pick the size you want, then either a color group or individual colors. Enter in your percentages for each, then click Calculate. Once you get the blend you want, go to the Tools tab and download the texture if you want to import it into your software, or click the print option to get a more detailed explanation of your blend. Send your creation to us using the “Send To” option which generates a file for Bisazza Production that ensures material is produced exactly as you have designed it. We can keep it on file for when it is time to order and have a note of the recipe to provide accurate pricing to contractors. Additionally, this generator works great on IPads!

Technology has come a long way and provided us with tools that are great for working in today’s environment. All these generators are a great first step to get started on your project. If you are not seeing a generator for the material you are looking for or want to tweak something you did on the generator, just send us a request on the sample request form, and we will make a render for you. While the generators are a great tool, varying screens will show colors differently. That’s why the next step is getting physical samples to notice the subtle variations or current production color. So let us know what samples you are need and how we can help!