INAX’s Philosophy for Tile

The extensive collection of INAX brand tiles offers traditional, classic designs that take advantage of authentic Japanese styles, as well as sophisticated, stylish tiles for a more modern look. Each and every one of Inax’s tiles is created with care and attention to detail, based on the tile technology we have continuously developed and improved since 1924, as well as our rigorous system for quality control. Our uncompromising standards for esthetics and texture are reflected in the details of our finished products. This Japanese tile brand offers refined techniques and unfaltering quality and helps customers to create high-quality spaces that resonate in the hearts of those who behold them.


Japan is a nation richly blessed with water and seasonal pictures. Since ancient times, people have learned to appreciate nature’s emotions through the sun’s brilliance reflecting off of water: the white surface of water caressed with dawn’s mist early in the morning, the bright surface of water from daytime sunlight, the evening water’s surface dyed in crimson from the sunset, and the opaque water surface gently undulating in pitch-black darkness. SAIRIN captures these emotions of nature.

A Breif History of INAX Tile

Inax History

Inax started manufacturing tiles 100 years ago in Japan for the Imperial Hotel designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. From there they have incorporated authentic Japanese style which draws inspiration from Seasonal Changes. This is accomplished with their unique textures and conscious selections of color.

Yohen Border

This half inch by 4 inch tile will be paper face mounted so you can use it for a pool application.


The Sentousai series does not require any grouting.


The Madoka comes paper front mounted.


Homura offers unique textures on every piece and does not require grout.

Yuki Border


This nominal 1 x 6 tile will be paper face mounted so you can use it for a pool application.

Format Mix

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