Artistic Glass Tile Made For You

Interstyle Glass Tile is made per order, and made to your customization. For the past 40 years Interstyle has been producing custom made wall, floor, and pool tile from their Burnaby Canada Factory. Inerstyle Glass is not just another tile manufacturer, but tile artist. Their artistic approach to tile has landed them major projects such as the Vancouver International Airport, which used over 500,000 1×1 tiles and 72 custom colors to create this stunning floor mosaic.



Created by hand in the rich tradition of ceramic tile with a unique twist.

Earthenglass is made with 100% recycled glass, blended with a mix of natural, regionally sourced clay and porcelain for extra durability. Perfect for high traffic floor applications.


Precious random glass tile blends featuring bright metallic and textured finishes. Great for pools + spas, interiors/exteriors, commercial and residential.

6 striking color blends combining a variety of textures and finishes.

Glass Tile: Interstyle 240

The Interstyle 240 color system has combined Glasshues, Glasstints, & Glasstyle into one system. Pick your colors, pick your finish, pick your size or pattern. You can even use the Configurator below to help you create the blend you want. Interstyle glass tile is produced for interior and exterior use on walls, and even as a water line for a pool.

Interstyle 240 Color Selection


Glass Tile Finishes:


Glass Tile Sizes:

Available Sizes

Glass Tile Patterns:

A few of the Interstyle patterns you can pick from
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