YouTube Channel – Mosa Shapes Time Lapse

Hi Everyone, we are proud to announce we are working to make content for our You Tube page with videos for Installation Guide Lines, Pattern Generators, New Products, & More.

As we work on those we would like to share our Time Lapse of our Mosa Shapes Installation at the Design Studio. If you are interested in Shapes contact for more info.

New Series: Mosa Canvas

An artist’s canvas, the blank slate ready for color and creativity. It is the artist’s supportive base encouraging imagination while letting the design be the star. Mosa’s latest porcelain tile series Canvas focuses on the role of the artist’s canvas offering a neutral palette that supports the design as backdrop

9 Color Pallet

Canvas offers 9 Color options, inspired by nature, from sandy beaches to snow covered landscapes, volcanic ash to deep blue oceans. Each well thought out color with subtle hits of warm undertones. Keeping to the idea of an artist’s Canvas, the movement in the tile is directionless allowing the color to flow over large spaces without guiding the eye one way or another creating a smooth flowing design concept. This allows furnishings, artwork and other design elements to shine.

New Texture for Canvas

Have you ever run your hand over an artist’s Canvas and noticed the texture? They are not smooth; it has a texture allowing the paint to adhere to the surface. The artist applies the color and textures while the Canvas elevates the overall masterpiece.

Canvas introduces a new texture CR. Just like an artist’s Canvas, there are subtle natural variations on its surface. Mosa worked to create just the right balance between texture and color, giving each tile character while keeping the overall effect neutral. Canvas’s tactile properties result in low maintenance anti-slip surfaces.

Mosa Canvas’s CR Texture

Canvas Sizing

Cavnas is produced in 12×24 & 24×24. A corresponding 4×24 Bullnose PC’s is made in every color.

Mosa Canvas – What will you Create?

Canvas is truly a unique line from Mosa. This subtle but sophisticated series lets the tile be the canvas for the design in every project.

Want to experience this new line for yourself? Order samples at our Sample Shop OR on our Sample Request Form.


Canvas Inspiration