Novel Deep Ellum, Crescent Development

The shallow end of Deep Ellum has been home to knoxtile for 20 years. Historically a warehouse district, it spawned into a diverse music scene with tattoo parlors, and an artist’s lofts paradise. Now with the new incoming specialty shops, restaurants, and apartments they are making Deep Ellum an attractive destination for Urban City Living.

Venus In Water

Long famous for murals of every theme, Deep Ellum favors developers committed to keeping the artistic flair alive and well. The Novel Deep Ellum complex is the most authentic to date.

View of install from Balcony

studioOutside, which was tasked by Crescent Communities to conjure something that was Deep Ellum then came to see their neighbor knoxtile. Collaboration is the fun part of creativity. Early discussions mentioned by a Novel Designer commented that the property was in the Southwest flight path and he wished passengers could look down and enjoy a landmark view that they would not forget. Original concepts/images knoxtile presented got the party started with a blast! Fittingly, Crescent’s mission to draw from the community saw that the final art work was chosen from a local artist and Venus became the center of attention. knoxtile succeeded in keeping the look unique by translating the drawing into an 8 color only Diffusion Technique which was then produced in Bisazza 20mm tesserae. The Diffusion technique plays with the eye’s retina, making the 8 contrasting and complimentary colors interact to create any hue imaginable.
The below image is an Eye from the mural. Save the image and step away from your screen to watch as the colors blend together to make the eye.

8 Color Eye
Final Mosaic Laid Out

The above photo is the sheet layout paper face down on the Studio floor just to be sure all arrived in good condition. One sheet was crinkled and torn so we pulled it up on the map, re-worked and mounted.
All mosaic Depth Markers are fabricated in the knoxtile Studio from same production material. Horizontal surfaces including tops of perimeter walls are done in same color anti-slip matt mosaic as is required for all commercial projects and Pool Code. Wet Deck shown is tiled in 6×6 Porcelain Anti-Slip to match the colored concrete strips throughout the rest of the project.

Edge Detail with Bisazza

Multifamily and Hospitality projects often look to the Amenities areas as best launch site to promote the units as well as host special events and draw visitors for pool season relaxation. Professional installers, as for this project, Fun N Sun Pools are critical to the process. Even for the same Developer, each property must be unique, styled to accentuate the neighborhood or character of the property, deliver in a timely manner and provide long years of successful maintenance and durability. No project is ever a repeat.

Mosa – Wet Deck/Tanning Ledge

Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden

knoxtile combined Interstyle & Mosa to help create a one of a kind mural for the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. studioOutside created the pattern and knoxtile helped fulfill that idea with its extensive knowledge of material use and fabrication.

This was one of the last projects we got to work with the Artisan Dan Jackson on before he passed away. Dan was always such a pleasure to work with, and a true professional. 

MATERIALS: Mosa & Interstyle