Buchtal – Chroma Systems

The Buchtal Hand Hold system is a German produced Solid Body, High Fired Extruded Porcelain Stoneware, glazed in unique Buchtal developed glaze since 1938 providing superior slip resistance for ramped, wet foot surfaces both interior and exterior.

Extruded clay provides consistent uniform body resulting in smooth, fracture free cuts. Flush, level under surface provides stable straight set and is grooved for extra grip and interlocking mortar adhesion to the substrate.


55730 & 55735 on Radius

55730 Color Options

Internal & External Corners

The Buchtal Hand Hold system has produced Internal (55732) & External (55736) Corners available. Each corner consist of 2 Pieces that are sold as a Pair. So which do you need? If you are working on a standard rectangular pool you would need 4 Pairs of Internal Corners to continue the hand hold system around the pool. If you had a wing wall or other extruding requirement, you would need a pair of external corners for each 90 degree turn. The external corners provide a soft rounded edge, opposed to if you mitered a 55730 to make an outside corner.


55730- Hand Hold

The 55730 comes in 4 color options. Stocked at our Dallas, Texas Warehouse.

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