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Large format porcelain tiles wall applicatioHand sink Royal Mosa xxs back splashGlobal Collection 6x6
Terra Tones
System Chroma II ~ Buchtal
Customized Glass Mosaics
Icestik 'Solstice' by Interstyle ceramic and glass
Mosa Global Collection
Expressing the limit of your imagination
Chroma Classic ~ Buchtal
Architectural Glass Surfaces
Interstyle ceramic + glass
Terra XXL
Capestone ~ Buchtal
Terra Maestricht Planks
Textures unveiling passion
Chroma II Mosaics ~ Buchtal
Mosa XXL
Impact by Design
Mosa XXS
Sleek and inspiring 1/1 inch mesh mounted mosaic
Chroma II Play! ~ Buchtal
Mosa Beige and Brown
Distinctively modern design aesthetics
Quantum ~ Buchtal
Mosa Terra Collection
Smooth Sophistication
Chroma II non-slip ~ Buchtal
Mosa Global Collection
Maximizing that first impression

Providing the color depth and technical performance of Mosa, the artistry of Interstyle, and straightforward form and function of the Buchtal Chroma System for aquatic centers and medical facilities


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