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Are you looking for a flooring solution suitable for wet indoor or outdoor areas? Do you need reliable tile flooring for a swimming pool? If yes, Rios Style porcelain flooring tiles could be ideal for you!

Since 1952, Knoxtile has been Dallas’ go-to place for customers in need of a reliable flooring solution. We offer an array of options, including our Rios Style porcelain flooring tiles, which are a popular choice for swimming pools, since they are durable, slip resistant, and perhaps most importantly, will not fade or lose their luster despite being exposed to constant sunlight.

Even more, porcelain tiles are also a wise choice because they are a hygienic tile option, which is important in a shared swimming pool.

Other advantages of porcelain tiles are they remain sturdy and durable even in extreme temperatures, and they absorb a very small amount of moisture, meaning your flooring solution will look great for years to come and will not show unwanted remnants of daily use.

For more information regarding the benefits of Rios Style porcelain flooring, or if you need help selecting the right flooring solution for your home or company’s needs, do not hesitate to contact Knoxtile today.