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Knoxtile always offers products that will last a very long time and look incredible in a business or living space. The Pórtland porcelain tile not only exceeds the high quality standards we hold at Knoxtile, but it is an extremely affordable option. For those looking to tile a dry, indoor area affordably, Pórtland porcelain tile is an excellent choice. Other features include:

  • Pórtland porcelain tile is well suited for indoor areas that are dry, and not regularly exposed to water.
  • The tiles can be placed on horizontal floor or vertical wall surfaces.
  • Pórtland tile comes in four different color options: brown, mother-of-pearl, gray and black.
  • Choose from both matte and polished finishes.
  • Pórtland tile is a completely natural and affordable product.
  • The tile can withstand high foot traffic, and is usable in cold climates and will resist frost.
  • Each tile is uniquely patterned and designed with color variations.

If you need a sophisticated tile for your business lobby or you have been trying to find the perfect, strong tile for your kitchen, Pórtland porcelain tile may be the right option for you. Pórtland tile is sold in three sizes: 30 x 60 cm (12 x 24 inches), 45 x 90 cm (18 by 36 inches) and 60 x 60 cm (24 by 24 inches). For more information about Pórtland tile or any of our tile designs, call us today at 214-761-5669.