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It takes careful consideration to select the perfect tile for any project. A quality tile floor can add value to a property and give visitors or clients a distinct feeling when they walk in the door. Your new tile should be both functional and stylish, which is why our experts at Knoxtile choose to work with Alcalagres tiles. If you are considering tile for a dry indoor area, you should consider Perseo tile from Alcalagres.

About Perseo Tiles

• Perseo tiles are suited for use in dry, interior areas
• Tiling is available in three distinctive color options
• Perseo tiles are also available in both matte and polished finishes
• Three basic tile sizes: 12 by 24 inches (30 by 60 centimeters); 18 by 36 inches (45 by 90 centimeters); and 24 by 24 inches (60 by 60 centimeters) – additional sizes and shapes are available.

Perseo tiles are a great option for use in both commercial and residential spaces, and the smooth finish and soft shading of the tiles allow them to blend well with nearly any wall color. Of course, the best way to determine if Perseo tile is your ideal option is to see it for yourself.

To learn more about Perseo tiling or to get a sample, call Knoxtile now at 214-761-5669 or stop in and see us today at our showroom on Commerce Street in Dallas, Texas.