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Choosing the perfect tile does not have to be a difficult process. The indoor porcelain tile options we choose at Knoxtile are all beautiful, durable and stylish, helping ensure that your project looks great for many years to come.

We work with Alcalagres tile because they have proven time and again to offer high quality, stunning tiles. The experts at Knoxtile recommend Otranto tiles for dry indoor areas, and they are a great option for wall backsplashes or use as floor tiles.

About Otranto Tiles

• Otranto tile should not be used inside a shower or on an outside space – designed for dry indoor use only
• Choose from three neutral colors.
• Matte and polished finishes are available
• Two basic tile sizes: 24 by 24 inches (60 by 60 centimeters) and 18 by 36 inches (45 by 90 centimeters)

Otranto tile is designed with simple but elegant color options that can fit well with just about any indoor room. The different colors work well together, contrasting against one another, or they can be combined with other tiles to bring different elements together to create a uniquely designed space. These tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, and are perfect for everything from use in a commercial space or daily wear at your residence. Wherever they’re installed, Otranto tiles are sure to look fantastic and last for many years.

If you have any questions about our Otranto tile selection, stop by our Dallas showroom on Commerce Street or call us at 214-761-5669 for a sample.