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15Thirty Warm & Cold

Knoxtile supplies a wide selection of the newest and most attractive porcelain tiles, including 15thirty warm and cold ceramic imported tiles from Mosa. Mosa manufactures tiles for beauty as well as function, using colors that complement the space and shapes to accentuate the room size. 15thirty warm and cold tiles give you a range of shades to choose from so you can make the perfect design.

Mosa’s 15thirty tiles range from warm and cool white, gray, and beige shades, as well as eight brighter colors including variations of red, yellow, blue, blue, green, and orange. Use multiple colors together to create a mosaic or a stripe effect, or use one solid color to make a clean, natural space. Mosa’s 6 x 12 inch rectangular tile shape is now widely used in interior design and architecture, for its ability to accent horizontal lines and visually enlarge the space. The tiles may be ordered glossy or matte, with non-slip textures for extra safety.

Order Mosa tiles in Dallas from Knoxtile to complete your home renovations, interior decorating, new business construction and more. Call Knoxtile today to learn more about any tiles or find a specific type or color.