Terra Series

Beautifully smooth, hard-wearing, frost proof, easy to clean, available in slip-resistant relief.

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Here at Knoxtile we offer the entire Mosa Terra series. The series includes the Terra Tones, Terra Maestricht, and the Terra XXL. The Terra Maestricht Mosa Tiles are the top of the range tile from this collection. They are made with specially developed technique that makes every tile unique creating a natural effect. This tile is available in both plain and slip resistant. The Terra Tones are split into three tiles in each of three categories; light tone, mid tone, and dark tone graduating from light to dark. The Terra XXL Mosa Tiles give a new dimension to aquatic centers, public buildings, and homes. These large tiles are remarkable in both appearance and effect. Any of these can be used as aquatic tiles. These tiles are completely resistant to wear, weather, and frost. The tiles are dimensionally stable which enables narrow joints. These Mosa Tiles will remain beautiful in heavy traffic areas inside or out.

Terra Tones

Terra Tones 1

Terra XXL


Terra XXL One by One

T XXL 1x1 1
Terra Maestricht®

T Mae 1

Terra Maestricht Planks®

T Planks 1

Terra LED

T led 1
LED Brochure

Mosa. Terra Series Brochure