Meet The Team

Donna McClendon


With X year experience in hard surfaces, Donna started her journey in tile by attending The University of Dallas, and receiving her BA in Ceramics. Donna is our light and inspiration to live life and love what we do.

Olon McClendon

OWNER, Vice President

Our fearless leader Olon, has been guiding us for the past X Years. An El Paso native, he grew up working in his dad's automotive supply shop. Which naturally leads a youth to becoming an actor. With such memorable performances as his portrayal of ______ in _________. You could see the whites of his eyes from the back of the room. Olon encourages his employees to strive for something greater than they think they can accomplish.

Jon Lehman

Contractor Sales

Jon has been working with knoxtile for the past X years. He is a true Texan, well East Texan to be politically correct. Jon is always there to talk to you about your project at any time, except during a cowboys games. If you are lucky enough you have gotten a bowl of his wife's pico, and no you can not have the recipe.

Candace Beltran


Candace came to knoxtile after leaving the financing world. Studying under Donna she has quickly taken to the tile world. While Candace's favorite band is The Cure, do not let that miss lead you into thinking she is an 80's goth. She is a bright, intelligent, and caring mother.

Melody Coffer


Melody started as a sales assistant to to our Dallas, Austin, and Houston Reps. Now she is heading up the DFW market working with Architects and Contractors.

Roldan Martinez

Operations Manager & Warehouse Manager

Roldan rolled into Dallas 15 years ago, and has gone from pushing a broom in the sample room to being our operations manager. He may not have a broom in his hand, but he does have his yellow and black terrible towel. For those non sport fans it is some kind of Steelers thing.

Sonia Ortiz


Sonia has been with knoxtile for 20 years and loves Betty Boop

Paul Hammerquist

Customer Service Manager & Many Hat Wearer

Paul came to knoxtile 10 years ago, and for some reason they took a chance with this weird guy with a Mohawk. Just like Roldan he went from sweeping the warehouse floors to running the Customer Service department. His mohawk may be gone, but that punk-rock spirit lives on in him.

Zach Longobardi

Customer Service

Zach Text Here