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Knoxtile, of Dallas, Texas, has been selling top quality tiles since 1952. With a reputation for sourcing and selling the tile industry’s most innovative and environmentally friendly materials, naturally Knoxtile carries Lifestone tiles by Alcalagres.

Alcalagres, a respected Spanish tile manufacturer and distributor, sells porcelain tiles in over 85 countries. The Legno and Lifestone tile series from Alcalagres are now available from Knoxtile.

Lifestone ceramic tiles from Alcalagres are a perfect choice for both private homes and businesses. Alcalagres produces world-class tiles that are long-lasting and stain resistant, which cuts maintenance costs. Smart, stylish Lifestone indoor tiles not only look beautiful, but also save money.

Known for their environmental concern and ecological efforts, Alcalagres has been granted certification for the green label on its products. Lifestone tiles, made by Alcalagres and available for purchase from Knoxtile, are part of Knoxtile’s environmentally friendly product lineup.

Lifestone ceramic tiles come in several colors, styles and finishes. Try Alcalagres Lifestone tiles for your next indoor tiling project.

Contact the knowledgeable staff at Knoxtile for more information about the commercial and residential applications of Alcalagres tiles. Call Knoxtile’s Dallas office at 214-761-5669 or toll free at 800-229-5669. Inquiries may also be sent to