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Knoxtile, an experienced Dallas-based global importer and distributor of fine ceramic tile and stone products, is proud to offer Alcalagres Legno tiles from Spain.

Alcalagres is a Spanish tile manufacturer known for producing premium floor and wall tiles. A worldwide leader in the tile industry, Alcalagres maintains an outstanding product lineup that includes fashionable Legno tiles.

Legno ceramic tiles from Alcalagres bring style and functionality to both classic and contemporary interiors. Suitable for dry indoor areas, Legno offers sophisticated tiling solutions for residential and commercial buildings. Alcalagres Legno tiles come in decorator colors and finishes designed to give corporate and home interiors a sleek, modern and professional look. Legno tiles are also frost and stain resistant. When it comes to quality porcelain tiles, Alcalagres offers excellence and value.

In addition to being stylish and durable, Alcalagres tiles are made with natural materials. It is easy to go green with Alcalagres tiles. Alcalagres was awarded an Environmental Management Certificate by AENOR, an internationally recognized Spanish certification body. It is just part of the excellence international clients have come to expect from both Alcalagres and Knoxtile.

Knoxtile’s high quality tiles can be found in hotels, hospitals, aquatic centers and restaurants around the world. When excellence matters, turn to Knoxtile in Dallas, Texas, for the finest in porcelain tiles, including Legno and other Alcalagres tile products.

To learn more about Alcalagres Legno tiles, contact Knoxtile today. Call 800-229-5669 toll free, or email