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Ironwood ceramic tiles from Alcalagres are a beautiful, elegant choice for any space. Whether you are looking for indoor tiles or aquatic tiles, Ironwood tiles are sure to bring a sense of exquisiteness to the atmosphere they’re in.

Ironwood tile is available in two finishes, natural and lucidato. Natural tiles can be used in a variety of spaces, including dry and wet indoor areas, outside areas and swimming pools. These tiles are multi-tonal in color – they are not flat or stale, but rather have multiple hues within them. The lines within the tile are smooth and large, making for a look that will subtly bring in a sense of movement, peace and subtle dimension.

The lucidato tiles, on the other hand, have a more contrast in them. Though they are restricted in use to dry indoor areas, they will add a pop of texture to any space. Like the natural finish tiles, they have several hues of color within them, but the contrast between these hues is more pronounced and dynamic, allowing the tile to appear brighter and more vivid, allowing these tiles to perhaps even take the center stage in a room.

Ironwood tile is also offered in a range of neutral colors, varying shapes and differing sizes, allowing you to perfectly mold them to your space. Order yours today by calling knoxtile at 800-229-5669 or email today for a quote.