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Choose from a fine selection of Interstyle’s Watercolors glass and ceramic tile to compliment your home or office in Dallas, TX. Interstyle combines beauty and durability in each tile to complete your pool house, bathroom, locker room, medical facility or other essential space. The textured, matte tiles are manufactured with total resistance to the elements, giving them exceptional versatility as well as a clean, attractive shine.

Interstyle’s Watercolors tiles are impervious to moisture and vapors, assuring they will never accumulate mold or absorb odors from pool chemicals, medical equipment or cleaning products. Each strong tile is also fireproof and frost-proof to accommodate both indoor and outdoor situations. Watercolors tiles are available in a rainbow of 55 different warm and cool color varieties with vivid pigments that are resilient to fading and easy to clean.

Each of our tile distributors from around the world represents the best in quality and service. We are proud to bring you the essential combination of appearance and function in every tile. Order your Interstyle Watercolors tiles today or contact us for more information.