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Welcome to our selection of glass accent tiles in Dallas. These Icestix tiles are made by the professionals at Interstyle Glass, and they are perfect for a wide variety of construction projects. We have a dozen different mosaic blends available, all of which are made from 100% recycled glass. Whether you are in need of .5 x 2 or .5 x 4 inch strips, we offer a 12 x 12 inch mesh-mount of these Icestix tiles. In addition to your choice of size, you can choose between solstice, deep ice, flare, crevice, and many other attractive patterns.

If you have been looking for porcelain tiles in Dallas, look no further than Knoxtile. You can request a sample of any of the Icestix tiles we have for sale, and we can ship throughout the Dallas area and nationwide. Please get in touch with the Knoxtile team if you have any questions about these tiles or any of the other products we offer.



12 mosaic blends in .5 x 2 and .5 x 4 inch frosted and iridescent strips, made from 100% recycled glass. 12 x 12 inch mesh-mount in running bond or straight stack.

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