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Glasstints by Interstyle allows you to create the beautiful, colorful shower, bathroom, pool area or outdoor space you’ve been dreaming of. With over 60 colors and shades to choose from and tiles that are hardy and weather-resistant, Interstyle makes it easy to bring your design to life and enjoy it for decades to come.

Interstyle recreates the modern bathroom or pool area with a collection of contemporary colors to make the latest designs. Whether you are looking for a chic space with cool white, blacks and grays or you want to add a pop of color to your bathroom with a mosaic of greens, blues, yellows, purples, reds or oranges, you can find all your tiles in one place. We order directly from Interstyle, giving you a wide selection of tiles to choose from with optimal pricing and exceptional quality.

Contact Knoxtile to order Glasstints by Interstyle and renovate your bathroom, shower, pool area, outdoor patio or another space.

Made with Premium Low Iron Glass

whites and neutrals
reds and yellows
greys and blacksblues and greens
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