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HT-Hydrophilic Tile: Antibacterial Surfaces

Knoxtile brings you the latest developments from leading producers in flooring, including the Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) tiles from Agrob Buchtal. These tiles are made with revolutionary materials that utilize photo catalytic oxidation to naturally repel bacteria and microorganisms without harmful irritants or chemicals.

These hydrophilic or HT tiles are easily cleaned and maintained, and give you a beautiful, clean, shining appearance that will never fade. The naturally antibacterial surface breaks down smells, contaminants, stains, dirt and other substances that the tile is exposed to through oxidation. The extra HT layer makes them effortless to clean and reduces the need for expensive and harmful cleaning chemicals. HT TiO2 tiles are ideal for high traffic areas or surfaces at risk for bacteria growth, such as bathrooms, kitchens and pool areas.

See the online videos to learn more about this inventive new process and how you can cut costs while enjoying a clean, chic space. Contact Knoxtile today to order HT tiles in Dallas TX for your upcoming renovation or construction project.

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