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Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG is one of the world's foremost tile manufacturers. The German company is known for innovation and ultra-modern environmentally sustainable production facilities.


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Knoxtile brings you an extensive selection of premium ceramic tiles, porcelain tile and modern flooring to complete any job. We supply tiles from leading manufacturers to give you an exquisite exterior that will endure nearly any environment. Deutsche Steinzeug is a world-famous producer of top-quality tiles and flooring that continue to complete beautiful interiors, exteriors for residential and commercial applications.

With three distinctive tile and flooring lines, Deutsche Steinzeug creates a complete array of options to elevate any motif, décor, style and theme. Agrob Buchtal and Jasba together fulfill every stylistic preference and need, from utility to elegance, simplicity, natural allure and ultimate resilience. With hundreds of colors, textures, sizes, glosses and materials to choose from, you can create any pattern you imagine and make your space an impressive, beautiful and serene escape.

Deutsche Steinzeug America not only creates tiles based on contemporary themes and needs, but also uses the latest technology to promote environmentally-friendly production. Browse the categories to find your perfect tile or flooring selections from Deutsche Steinzeug and request a sample from Knoxtile to start designing your space.