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At Alcalagres, offering customers sleek tiles that can help immediately modernize any space is their specialty, and Dolmen tiles are the epitome of this modernization. Dolmen tiles can be used for a variety of uses, depending on the finish of the product.

These ceramic tiles come in three finishes – mate, lucidato, and rústico. Mate tiles are meant to be used in dry indoor areas, and feature a lightly pocketed and grooved surface that will bring texture and dimension to an otherwise flat and smooth indoor space. Lucidato tiles are also meant for indoor, dry areas, but these ceramic tiles are smoother than the mate tiles. They’re also a tad more luminescent, effortlessly bringing a sense of light and openness to the space. Rústico tiles, on the other hand, are aquatic tiles and designed for wet indoor areas, outdoor uses or swimming pools. The dips and grooves of rústico tiles are more pronounced than those of the mate tiles, and this tile is also slip-resistant, making any area with water – such as around a swimming pool or in a bathroom – much safer and easier to walk on.

Dolmen tiles are offered in a range of natural earth tones, running the gamut from dark beige to a deep black. These neutral colors make it easy to coordinate with other colors in a space, simultaneously bringing a sense of warmth and modernity to any space.

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