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Alcalagres takes pride in the quality of its stone and tile, and these Concept ceramic tiles are no exception. Made from recycled material, Concept tiles can be used in a variety of spaces. Some finishes can serve as aquatic tiles in a pool or bath, some while others act specifically as an indoor tile for flooring, walls or backsplashes.

Concept tiles come in three finishes – mate, pulido and rústico. The mate finish, meant for dry indoor areas, is subtler than the other finishes, offering an accent of color and design to a space without overwhelming it. The pulido finish, also meant for dry indoor areas, incorporates varying shades of color in the tile rather than one flat color, adding an understated dimension to the tile that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the space. The rústico finish is slightly more versatile than the other finishes. This ceramic tile can be used in wet indoor areas, outdoor areas and for aquatic tiling around swimming pools or spas.

Subtle grooves and facets in the tile give it dimension and add texture to the space, whether indoors in a bathroom or outside on the patio. Concept tiles come in a range of colors that allow you to perfectly accent your space and match any design shades that you may already have. Additionally, these ceramic tiles also come in a variety of shapes, including mosaic pieces, allowing you to contour and place the tiles perfectly to accent your space.

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