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There is a standard of sophistication that every Jasba design strives to uphold. It is a standard focused on pure individuality, elegance and the notion that we are fulfilling the eternal vision of your home.

Crafted harmoniously by hand, Jasba tiles embody our personal mission to bring every interior to its utmost potential. From floor, bathroom, kitchen and living room tiles, Jasba offers an ample selection of sizes and color crafted to fit your specific space. These exclusively manufactured tiles come equipped with a distinct commitment to quality, and it is for that reason Jasba utilizes solely natural raw materials mined from Germany.

Whether looking to redesign or remodel your space, Knoxtile LLC understands the importance of matching reliable care with personalized attention. There is never a reason to compromise when designing your dream home. Knoxtile LLC promises to show each design of our collection if that means finding the perfect choice.

For any additional inquiries or feedback regarding our tiling process, please contact Knoxtile LLC today. We look forward to speaking with you.