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Agrob Buchtal

A room is defined by its size, space and color. However, a room is made by the accents present within it—unforgettable nuances that can transform an area into one’s own. For years, Agrob Buchtal has worked to bridge character and creativity with custom tile designs ideal for any residence, facade or commercial space.

Using only the highest quality materials, Agrob Buchtal specializes in creating elegant tile displays throughout any home or public building. Avorio. Bosco. Valley. Xeno. All names embody our specialty designs envisioned with you in mind. Even more, Agrob Buchtal offers a multi-selection of aquatic tiles intended to provide any pool with a safe, timeless architecture.

To capture the essence of any space means to understand it. Our ceramic designs range from modern innovation to classic finesse and everywhere in between. Ultimately, the mission of Knoxtile LLC rests in our promise to accentuate your unique character one tile at a time. For any additional inquiries or feedback, contact Knoxtile LLC.